What performance engines will fit in the 5th gen Toyota Pickup

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    So after watching Donut Media's Money Pit on YT, I wanted to do my own project car. I want to buy something like a 1992 Toyota Pickup Shortbed 4x4 Automatic, but do some tuning. However, I found out the 22RE is kinda pathetic with horsepower, even when tuned out and modified, and becomes unreliable if you tinker around with it too much, so I decided that when I get this truck I'm gonna do an engine and transmission swap. I would like to know what performance engines (with at least 200 BHP stock and not tuned) are out there that I can fit in the engine bay without refabing.

    I did find the L20 V8 Vortec for an automatic transmission, twice the displacement as the 22RE (and there is a 60 degree V6 that the truck can come with) but the V8 is a 90 degree block. I don't think it will fit with turbos, but can it fit by itself?

    I see some people cram 2JZ-GTEs under the hood, but I hear that requires refab work. Will the 1JZ-GTE fit without refabing, and if so, how much power can one get out of the 1JZ-GTE without swapping internals?

    In the end, I want to build an off-road beast without a roof. Here is a concept of the final design. Probably not as lifted, but close enough. Image was originally 8K cause of my phone's 64MP cam. 20200627_232920.jpg

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