What performance engines will fit in the 5th gen Toyota Pickup

Discussion in '1989-1995 Pickup Discussion' started by CNCharger, Jun 28, 2020.

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    So after watching Donut Media's Money Pit on YT, I wanted to do my own project car. I want to buy something like a 1992 Toyota Pickup Shortbed 4x4 Automatic, but do some tuning. However, I found out the 22RE is kinda pathetic with horsepower, even when tuned out and modified, and becomes unreliable if you tinker around with it too much, so I decided that when I get this truck I'm gonna do an engine and transmission swap. I would like to know what performance engines (with at least 200 BHP stock and not tuned) are out there that I can fit in the engine bay without refabing.

    I did find the L20 V8 Vortec for an automatic transmission, twice the displacement as the 22RE (and there is a 60 degree V6 that the truck can come with) but the V8 is a 90 degree block. I don't think it will fit with turbos, but can it fit by itself?

    I see some people cram 2JZ-GTEs under the hood, but I hear that requires refab work. Will the 1JZ-GTE fit without refabing, and if so, how much power can one get out of the 1JZ-GTE without swapping internals?

    In the end, I want to build an off-road beast without a roof. Here is a concept of the final design. Probably not as lifted, but close enough. Image was originally 8K cause of my phone's 64MP cam. 20200627_232920.jpg
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    What did you decide on? If you are looking for 4WD advise, this is definitely not the forum for it. Pirate4x4, Yotatech, ih8mud are all great forums for 4x4 Toyota builds. Lots of good tech sections on those forums. Warning: if you ask noobie questions on Pirate that a simple search through the tech sections will yield, they will blister you mercilessly.
    You have to know specifically what your plans are for a truck. Are you wanting to keep it all Toyota? Are you wanting to do just light wheeling and do most of your driving on pavement? Is it gonna be still street legal, but more rock crawling? If you want something drop in, I would do a 5VZ-FE, stock is 190 hp/220 lb-ft. No fabricating whatsoever. 1UZ-FE is a fantastic engine, I'm doing one in my 89 2WD pickup as well as my 93 4Runner I'm converting to 4WD. Those are more work, but will fit under the hood without hammering the firewall like you have to do with a JZ or 7M series L6.
    If you are not a Toyota purist like me, the Buick 3.8L V6 is a fantastic engine. Compact and makes great power and you can drop an M62 or M90 supercharger on it. The Chevy 4.3L V6 is a relatively simple swap too and makes lots of torque. A Ford 302 is more compact than a Chevy small block and the sky is the limit with a 302. Of course a Chevy small block is a great option. The GM LS engines are even better than the old Chevy small blocks.
    You can do anything you want...just depends on your skill and how deep your pockets are.
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    I’d go with a Cummins 2.8 TD. 161 hp, massive torque and comes ready to run. As close to plug and play as you can get. 20 mpg doesn’t hurt either. Only downside is it costs $9K. But what a dope ride that would be.
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    LOL Yup.

    I remember the days when people were putting blown 454 BBC "in" Chevettes. I think they called them "pro-street"...

    And there were a few Datsun 620s with Oldsmobile Toronado drivetrains (455ci w/ Turbohydramatic 425 (?) trannies) mounted mid-ship in the bed...

    And I went to a car show were someone was showing his work-in-progress project Civic with a jet engine...
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    1JZ and 2JZ share a block, 2JZ is just a longer stroke. Zero size difference.

    Straight 6 = more power that 22RE with half the parts. V = two heads, two exhaust manifolds, two etc etc. Just think it through and decide your level of complexity vs your goal.

    EDIT - no need to worry about "how much power" when you go JZ. Anything you pick can be overkill for your application.

    What you need to ask is "does turbo spool work well with my needs?"
    When going off road, usually no. You need instant torque. Again, plan according to your goals.

    1JZ (cheaper than 2JZ) with a small single turbo might do the trick on all accounts.

    But JZ family plus turbo is much more expensive than UZ/NA. So...go V8. Maybe. You decide.
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    1uzfe or ford windsor block! Enough said.
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    Toyota V6. done a million times, everything is available to pretty much bolt it in.

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