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    1987 pickup... original owner
    I have a 1987 pickup 22R 2wd 2bbl 4 speed pickup. 435,000 miles Original owner. Over the last 150,000 or so miles it has had a few issues that I promptly repaired. The usual maintenance stuff: alternator, water pump etc. Then I replaced the head about 75K ago. No problems..... ran great until a few weeks ago.
    Starts and idles fine , revs fine all is normal except when I put it in gear and head out there is no acceleration ! It just goes flat.
    I have done the following:
    New fuel filter
    New fuel pump
    New air filter
    New distributor and vacuum advance.
    Set timing.
    New BVSV (I broke the tip off so I replaced it)
    Replaced vacuum lines with new hose.
    New rebuilt carb, bench tested and dialed in.
    Adjusted valves.
    Compression front cylinder to rear 180, 185, 190, 180.......
    Still starts and idles great...... until you drive it.... step on the gas and it just goes flat with no acceleration at all.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this???
    It is no longer a daily driver but I still need it to
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information.

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