90 pickup buildup

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    90 truck short box regular cab, 87 bj74 land cruiser
    Hey so this is my 90 pickup
    Bought it about ten years ago with 360k on it. 1jz swapped it 8 years ago and basically have just driven it since then. I didn’t really know what I was doing and some of the wiring is a bit suspect but I’ve done 100k and haven’t had a problem.
    So last year I pulled the motor back out, rebuilt the transmission, swapped to a single turbo and put some larger injectors in. After some frustration with wiring that my 20 year old self had done I managed to wire in a piggy back and boost controller and it all runs good. Next week it is going in to get tuned and hopefully makes some okay power.
    Future mods are mostly to make it handle a bit better and a bit “safer”
    Possibly coil-overs, rear sway bar etc

    I’m crazy busy at work and don’t have shop space to work on it right now so this thread might die for 6 months or so but I’ll try keep it updated when things do get done

    any way
    Here’s a couple pics


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    1986 Toyota Xtra cab SR5 Turbo 22rte
    Yowza, that looks like fun!

    Hows the legality with the engine swap up there in BC?

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