1978 Hilux L43 4 speed to 5 speed swap

Discussion in 'Engine/Drivetrain' started by EuroTrashh, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Yo! I'm a newbie, This is my very first Toyota Hilux, I've wanted one of these trucks my whole life, I just turned 27 the other day so I bought one to restore and have fun with!


    The truck is a original paint 1978 Hilux, longbed camper special! from Cali/AZ with freezing air conditioning!! It has a 20r engine & L43 4 speed transmission. 217k

    I need to figure out the 5 speed swap, I bought a W50 of craigslist that needs to be rebuilt, After doing research I understand that to do this swap the crossmember needs to be relocated & A hole needs to be cut in the floor for the new shifter position.

    I'm looking for any photos of YOUR L43-W50 swap specifically the CROSSMEMBER and any information/details about this swap would be great!! I've searched and searched and can't find any photos/finished threads on this topic, my guess is the people finished and went cruising :cool:

    & what about the clutch ??

    Also, is it true that a L50/L52 5 speed transmissions will bolt in Hilux with L43 without having to moving the crossmember aka DIRECT SWAP?? (other than the shifter)
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    Cool truck! Welcome to the forum. My 78 has a 22R and 5 speed swap.

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