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Addict, from L.A.

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Mar 28, 2014
    1. 84extracab
      I have a 84 extra cab, what are the specs on your 87? what did you use to lower it?
    2. Hinudie
      Hey there! I wanted to know more about your exhaust.... I know you got rid of your truck and I read your threads about it but nothing on the exhaust :( I loved it and super curious how you did it..... I had a buddy club spec II on my AE86 a few years back and was my absolute favorite exhaust and yours looks super similar! Thanks and hope to hear from you!

    3. 87jdmtruck
      Was it super low in the back? Were you need a c-notch for it?
    4. 87jdmtruck
      Damn man that's sad, well at least you got it in your hands. A very few are left of this clean 1980's toyota pickups! Well in the front, you have 2" drop spindles, & the torsion bars all the way down to the original bump stops? & the back is on 4" blocks with 3" lowering springs correct?
    5. 87jdmtruck
      I heard bad reviews on those shocks, but will consider buying them, because you said their good lol (:
      Did you buy your truck from Vincent?
    6. 87jdmtruck
      Any drop shocks you recommend for the 87'? Don't know any??
    7. tacobo670
      damn. nevermind then. im trying to source one out here rather than looking for one in cali. tuff to find. unless i buy the fiberglass one. but im in no rush, need to get motor running good before i can start to worry about bed looking good.
    8. tacobo670
      ay chelu!!! i got a beat on a truck bed. its off an 89 -wud this fit my 94? (base, short bed) i think so noh? anyways, the guy with the bed lives in Visalia n he doesnt have any pics of it. how far r u from there?
    9. 87jdmtruck
      I have it on 4" blocks, & torsion bars all the way down, anything else?
    10. 87jdmtruck
      Your truck is awesome bro! Was wondering if you can help me get my truck as low as your's!
    11. tenfourtyeight
      I'm in north San Diego county
    12. tenfourtyeight
      Yea, I sent you a PM asking about them, I just figured you were busy or something.

      I'd like to know if the lips are polished or chrome?

      And I got some hours cut at work, so I won't be able to throw cash on top anymore.
    13. Turbo Blow Through
      Turbo Blow Through
      Yeah iv seen it. That was were I first noticed it surfn google image under Hellaflush hilux staired at it for a while
    14. Turbo Blow Through
      Turbo Blow Through
      hey truck looks sick just recognized it from the web, stance nation or one of those sites looks like it rollz hard wish mine was still that low
    15. ResidentG33k
      Sounds good man! I definitely need help working on it. I know I can do it with time, patience and money... haha
    16. jaybee
      Bra just keep your truck and ill help u fix it up
    17. ResidentG33k
      Nice meeting you too Brah. Love your truck man.
    18. Yotaforce
      Hey thanks for your help/opinion man, I went and talked to a friend of mine that works at a local tire store and it looks like i'm lined up with some 225/40's. Should be low within a month. :)
    19. Yotaforce
      Thanks man, im having trouble getting the right mix of stretch and size(thickness) because i want them to be kind of thin to accent the lower. how do you do with the speed diff on your speedo? the max percentage diff i'm lookin at is three, my calculator says yours are 6 percent off. Tire Size Calculator <<this is the calc i use. It's pretty handy.

      I might be over thinking it. but whatever. lol
    20. Yotaforce
      hey man, saw a pic of your truck on the "How does yours ride" thread and was wondering what size tires you were running there on the 3-4 drop. i was thinkin 34 on my truck, but i got me some 18s, so i wanna do a little math, and see how i feel about that. Thanks.
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    1987 yota truck
    Current Modifications:
    HID lights..pearl white paint..4inch block plus 2" lowereing leaf and spindle on the front plus torsions..also has a full kyb shocks...about 5/6 drop all around..
    Future Modifications: