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Mar 10, 1985 (Age: 37)
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Preston, ID
Laser/Electronics Tech

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Addict, 37, from Preston, ID

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Dec 19, 2017
    1. odasker
      Do you happen to have the contact info for the guy in Pocatello? I'd like those about maybe picking it up. Thanks.
    2. DionTDE
      I still have all the leaf springs it is just a 4 inch angled block. I would suggest a 3 inch block and pull the middle leaf. If you look at my build I had a 1/16 of an inch gap from the bottom of the leaf to the rim. It was extremely close and I am still thinking about getting 3 inch blocks and pull the middle leaf
    3. jaybee
      Bradda...wondring if u pulled your middle leaf out...???...plus a 4" angle block did it hit frame??
    4. DionTDE
      I pulled the entire dash out and used a random orbital sander and 60 grit to get rid of the orange peel. I then stepped up to 120, 220, then hand wet sand at 400 and 600. Painted it then hand wet sanded again then painted it one last time. I will be doing a clear coat on it when it warms up so it will look even better when i am done.
    5. Humbol
      what were the steps to sanding your dash?
    6. joeynational
      and those lights are definitely cheap! i actually bought those fake projectors to cut up, they scatter light everywhere and are not a true projector, they are just for looks and a gimmick dont waste your money on those unless your gonna cut em up
    7. joeynational
      if you would really like to know allot more i would recommend signing up over at hidplanet.com i've learned allot from there, its pretty much everything you wanted to know about lighting, LED,HID, halogen

      but basically you do need a housing for the projector to protect it, you will use whatever bulb the projector requires, if you get a projector thats meant for retro like mine, it uses a H1, if you salvage some out of crashed headlamps more than likely its gonna be D2S. a wiring harness is not necessary but highly recommended, let me know if you have any more questions and if you sign up on hidplanet..i'm CBRrider over there
    8. DionTDE
      So give me a little explanation on what is going on. Do i need separate head lights with projector lenses, what bulbs do i need, do i need separate wiring? I am very savvy with electronics, I have a college education in electronics and Lasers just new to the projector lights. So some technical information would be great.
    9. DionTDE
      7X6 BLK DIAMOND PROJECTOR HEADLIGHT H4 BI-XENON HID KIT - eBay (item 360335308496 end time Jan-13-11 20:01:55 PST)

      What about something like this? Are these cheap and not even worth it?
    10. joeynational
      and your gonna need some basic tooling and supplies (dremel,aluminum tape, drill, hacksaw/jigsaw etc.)

      hope this helps and hope to see you do an HID setup the proper way!
    11. joeynational
      Hey Dion..I can give you a parts list for that retro

      1) cheap H4 7x6 headlamps, got mine on ebay for $20
      2)Mini H1 projector kit from The Retrofit Source online: headlight upgrades for all applications if you sign up to be a member you get a discount, i got mine for $100 shipped
      Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini (H1) - HID Projectors from The Retrofit Source LLC
      3)HID kit of your preference, with H1 bulbs
      4)a sheet of .093 lexan from home depot
      5)D shape window weatherstripping 3/16-5/16 i think
      6)Bixenon wire harness,i would recommend the one from the retrofitsource.com as it plugs right into your projectors
      Bi-xenon: H4 - Relay Harnesses from The Retrofit Source LLC
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    Mar 10, 1985 (Age: 37)
    Home Page:
    Preston, ID
    Laser/Electronics Tech
    Dion Almond
    93 single cab 2wd
    Current Modifications:
    Stripped unwanted pieces
    Smoothed and painted the interior
    Grant Steering wheel
    Toyota Paseo bucket seats
    new carpet
    Future Modifications:
    Static drop
    Metalic charcoal paint
    18" black rims
    decent stereo(not looking for anything special just good sound quality)
    I have been interested in mini trucks since I was knee high to a duck

    Video games, BMX, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Nitro RC cars ect