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Sep 1, 2016
Jan 1, 2009
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Sep 1, 2016
    1. juice623
      Do you still have low pro bump stops for sale!? Msg me
    2. yota1_mikey
      Hi, do you still sell your c notch Kits for 95 and below pickup trucks? I got a 91 Toyota Pickup 2wd
    3. Twinzer71
      Hi. I need rear low profile bumpstops for my 1986. It has 3” blocks. Don’t want to cut rubber. I heard u got the low profiles. C
    4. yotaman95
      Hey beefed taco I told you id contact you an show you my build. Sorry it took me so long!
    5. Minischwendy
      Alrighty I've rotated the bearing and it did help with the vibration. BIG thanks on that! It still fades in and out of it now. What would you suggest for me to get when it comes to angled blocks? I've looked at your website and I know I want to stick with the 3 inch blocks so I can still use the truck to haul stuff if necessary. That's what I have the air shocks for as well. Lemme know. Thanks a bunch man!
    6. white93turbotruck
      are you on facebook???
    7. white93turbotruck
      hey man can you add me to your friends list!!! I saw your Toyota Tacoma build up in street trucks o bought it too!! when I get a taco can you help me with it too??? thanks man!!!
    8. Minischwendy
      Hey man i had some questions for ya. I have a 1992 extended cab toy and i have already lowered it some. I've removed one leaf from the leaf pack, air shocks, and 3 inch drop blocks. I've just recently put tires on the back wheels and I'm getting a vibration at about 60mph that shakes the whole truck. It makes me think the pinion angle is off. Your opinion? I thought the carrier bearing would take care of it but I guess not. Also how much would it be for a pair of angled drop blocks? Lemme know. I appreciate it.
    9. Beefed Taco
      Beefed Taco
      The c-notch is a full day project and price is $199 for the 95's and earlier, the Tacoma is $349. If you're riding on the axle it'll most likely go lower once you have travel again. What is your rear setup right now? Thanks for the contact.
    10. Dgerfan55
      Hey was just wondering how much you charge to do it again on the same truck but different color? I have a 94 toyota standard cab. Also how much lower will that get me. Thanks
    11. Evolmotorsports
    12. chowderboy02
      hey wheres ocean side. hw much to notch my truck. 88 regular cab
    13. KK082409
      if I want to go bags later this would be the start of it as well correct, to notch the frame? how much lower is this going to put me? Hopefully you have some time this next week to notch it. i will call you probably tomorrow to get some more info. Thanks.
    14. Sam78
      Damn i didnt know anyone else on here was from Oceanside, I live right by the harbor where do you live?
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