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    Hi Folks!

    I have a ute that needs additional fuel range and redundancy.

    The ute is a 1995 Hilux US model with a passenger fuel tank. Build date Jan 1995

    83000 original miles.

    Extended Cab. 4wd.

    Stock bed is gone.

    ---The exhaust is rerouted under the cab to a snorkel that goes up behind driver side cab corner for fording.

    ---This leaves the bed underside available for the second tank.

    ---Tank must be mounted in between axles. Aft of axle will change weight distribution.

    ---Canopy is being mounted along with hitch receiver platform. Weight is going to be saved for that.

    *I require efi fuel pump redundancy. *

    ---I can mix and match any manufacturer, as long as line pressures are right for the EFI.

    *Toyota parts preferred.*
    ---I already have a system selected for tank switchover and gauges. Valves come from the Biodiesel community. They have amazing 3 way viton seal valves with threaded ports that are designed for heavy usage and oils.. NO FSVK-1 fuel valve bullshit.

    I design circuits for my job. I am designing the control systems for the pump and gauges with LTspice.

    I am keeping emissions equipment systems.

    Based on the preceding parameters, I need brainstorming about what fuel tanks fit in that position.

    Once I have the information I need, I will create a write-up with the build for the community.

    Thank you!

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