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    Hi, I’m Don and I owned MINI TRUCKS ONLY, a shop devoted to only MINI trucks in mid-Indiana in the 80’s and 90’s. Some of my custom vehicles were featured in MINI TRUCK magazine, and prior to that TRUCKIN’ magazine. We advertised in both magazines monthly for years.

    I moved to Arizona in the late 90’s and brought my inventory with me. Have been selling some pieces, but now I’m ready to sell it all. These are all NOS (New Old Stock) fenders and are still in original wrap.

    Fenders (both LH and RH) for 72-78 TOYOTA trucks for $175 each, have 5R,4L;

    Fenders (both LH and RH) for 79-82 TOYOTA 2WD trucks for $100 each, have 3R,2L;

    Fenders (both LH and RH) for 79-83 TOYOTA 4X4 trucks for $125 each, have 3R,3L.

    Shipping on these fenders would be huge, so I am asking to have pickup at my location only on these fenders for CASH ONLY. I am located off of I-40 approximately 35 miles east of Needles, CA.

    I also have many other TOYOTA parts that I will advertise on the sale part of this website. We were dealers for STULL grilles, HOUSE OF STEEL grille guards, and OFFENHAUSER as well as several others and all items are NOS (New Old Stock) still in the original box. Again, shipping would be a problem, so am requesting these be picked up.

    You can contact me at thru this forum or text 928-766-2338 for arrangements.


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