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    1988 XtraCab SR5 4WD V6 Auto
    Hi, I'll repeat a bit of my intro thread here then get into the build. Just got a 1988 SR5 Xtracab, 4WD, V6, Auto with AC off ebay. Spent it's life in Mississippi until 2017 when it went to Iowa. 97,000 miles. History shows that it was totaled but I can't find where the damage was. Was able to get a clean California title for it. I had a friend strip the interior (minus dash) and exterior trim for me. It's at paint and body now. Had a little bit of rust at the base of the tailgate and along the fenders under the aftermarket fender flairs. That it almost finished now. Going to paint it a Subaru color, Twilight Blue pearl. Mazda and Toyota have a similar color. Sort of a medium blue/silver. I'm not going to replace the stripes. Do plan to paint the flares, mirrors, and bodyside molding the same color. Torn between getting black front and rear bumpers and painting them blue or keeping the chrome original ones. For now, probably the chrome. Missing the driver's side rear bumper cover. Hope to get it back from paint in a couple weeks. Cleaned the carpets and most of the trim pieces, found some new mud flaps and used rear brackets. Will change all fluids, and go thru the brakes. Gas gauge doesn't work. Will probably get a new radiator and change all belts, hoses, and the master cylinder. Finally need to fix the oxidized piece on the top of the engine. Underbody was undercoated when new and still looks good. Seats need a little cleaning. No cracks in the dash. Shifter surround was from a 94 4Runner in tan. Have since dyed it gray. Just a bit more clean up and waiting for the truck to get out of paint. It will be something to take to shows and cruise around town a little bit. I'll let the 2018 F150 do all the dirty work.

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