How To Fit A RN25 Hood To A RN22

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    Figured I would post up how to get the later model hood to work on the early model. This does not apply the other way around. So a rn22 hood will not work on a rn25 body with this method. I do have a video I'll post going over whats up with it.

    So the first thing isn't even that it won't latch because the hook is so far forward you don't even hit it. But what you do hit is the rubber standoffs. I didn't try this but it's possible you could just remove or try to get them as low as possible but it seemed like that wasn't going to help. So I cut out the area that hits in prep to lower that section with a patch.

    Another thing and it's really just the fact it is a replacement part is the rounded edges are to thick and hit the fenders as you close. I did a mix of cutting and smashing a tighter radius. Maybe something you won't have to do on a used hood.

    Something else I'm thinking is just a factor of a replacement is a thicker striker. I didn't think I would be able to get it to fit in the mechanism but it did. You can see some marring because it's so tight. So tight that I have to nudg it left and right to get the hood up. Sanding down the striker some should take care of that.

    Now to move the latch farther forward all you really need is 2, 1/4 drive sockets and longer m6x1 bolts to make up the difference the sockets made. You should have enough room in the holes to align it how you need. Then you will need to smash the top bit of the latch support flat and drill a new hole.

    You will still need to modify the hook that catches when you pop the hood. For this you need to bring it in about 3/4". Best bet will be to weld a riv nut into place. To thick to actually riv nut.

    I really should of tried lowering the standoffs before I started cutting. That is the thing that's keeping me from saying this is a reasonable job for anyone to do. The fact is not everyone has access to welders at anytime or can weld. But with a few mods you can make a later hood fit the early model.

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