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    Cars Toyota Hilux Danang debuted with strong design style and modern. With a comfortable selling price, Hilux is more and more popular with customers.
    The new generation Toyota Hilux has had an impressive upgrade, promising an exciting competition with other competitors in the same segment. See adress
    Showroom Toyota Da Nang


    Hilux pickup model has a strong and modern design

    Detailed evaluation of Toyota Hilux Da Nang pickup trucks
    If before, Toyota Hilux Da Nang cars seemed a little elegant and gentle, then with this upgrade, Toyota Hilux is considered stronger and more muscular.
    Exterior of Toyota Hilux Da Nang pickup truck
    Toyota Hilux Da Nang model has an appearance with strong design lines. With different versions will have different grille shapes. But in general, the pickup hilux has a grille shaped in a bunker style with thick and sturdy black horizontal bars, prominent in the center position is the characteristic Toyota logo.


    Toyota Hilux Danang 2.8G version has a massive grille

    The high-end Toyota Hilux pickup truck has a light cluster with a sharp and beautiful design. The headlights are equipped with modern Full LED technology and integrated with automatic on / off function and intelligent lighting angle balance. Below is a cluster of Bi LED fog lights for good illumination.


    Toyota high-end pickup trucks are equipped with modern technology lights

    For the standard version, Toyota Hilux Da Nang only uses omnidirectional reflector Halogen lights, no LED daytime lights.


    The standard version of the toyota 2021 pickup truck only uses Halogen lights

    As for the body, Toyota Hilux pickup has a harmonious and balanced design. Featured with steps made of aluminum and anti-slip plastic on the surface. Toyota Hilux pickup truck has electric rearview mirror and integrated turn signal light. Particularly for the high-end version, the toyota hilux 2.8G pickup will have an electric folding feature.


    Toyota hilux 2020 car has a harmonious and balanced design

    Hilux pickup truck 2.8G high-end version is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels with 5 double spokes beautifully shaped. The remaining versions have 17-inch and 6-spoke single-spoke wheels.


    To yo ta hilux standard version has 17-inch and 6-spoke single-spoke wheels

    Hilux pickup truck 2.8G high-end version is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels with 5 double spokes

    The rear of the Toyota Hilux Da Nang has not changed much. However, there are differences in the arrangement of brake lights between versions. In the high-end version, the brake light is located with the door handle to form a large cluster. For other versions, the separate brake light is higher than the door handle.


    The rear of the standard Hilux pickup truck has a door handle separate from the brake light


    The rear of the Hilux 2.8G version has a door handle that is located with the brake light

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    Interior of Hilux car in Da Nang
    The hilux car has a fairly spacious cabin space with the taplo area mainly using plastic materials and adding decorative panels for luxury. The highlight is a powerful 3-spoke steering wheel, integrated with convenient function buttons (except for the standard toyota pickup version with manual transmission).


    Hilux cars have quite spacious cabin space

    As a pickup model with a soft price, Toyota Hilux Da Nang is only equipped with features such as smart key & button start, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror in the high-end 2.8G version.


    Toyota Hilux Da Nang is equipped with a smart key & button start

    The seat system of Toyota Hilux Da Nang is covered with soft leather with convenient armrests. However, there are differences in the versions in terms of the ability to adjust the seat direction. With the high-end version, it provides 8-way power adjustment for the driver's seat, while the standard version has 6-way manual adjustment.


    Leather seats with flexible direction adjustment

    Hilux pickup trucks have a spacious luggage compartment so that customers can carry many necessary items on their trip.
    • Registration tax of the price of Toyota Hilux 2021: 10% of the list price
    • Price of the Toyota Hilux 2021 pickup truck: 2 million VND
    • Road use fee to buy Toyota Hilux 2020 (01 year): 1 million 560 VND
    • Civil liability insurance (01 year): 437,000 thousand VND
    • Toyota Hilux registration fee: 340,000 VND
    Note: The price of Toyota Da Nang above is temporary, not the official Toyota Hilux Da Nang quotation and may change due to changes in tax, Toyota Okayama Danang Company and related parties. For information and accurate cost sheet, please contact: 0911.04.23.23

    TOYOTA Okayama Danang Co., Ltd

    Adress : 09 Pham Hung, Hoa Chau, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

    Phone : 0777719996

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