1992 STD - time to start the resurrection

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    1992 STD
    Good afternoon all -

    Great to have a forum for these vehicles. I am just starting the process of a build sheet for resurrecting my 1992 STD 2WD that I bought new, and currently has ~240,000 miles on it. It has been loyal to me, with the only problems being ones that I have caused, and it deserves to be brought back.

    I have the usual issues, such as the speedo going to zero when I hit a turn signal, minor dents and dings, and interior plastics that have dry rotted away.

    Over the years, I added sway-a-way front and rear bars, bilstein shocks, 215/60/15 tires on steelies, Borla exhaust, 4Runner buckets, and had quite the stereo at one time. Now she's been sitting in my driveway for about 5 years, and needs love.

    I am going to go from inside to out for the build, as this seems the most economical considering I need a new motor - long story, there is a place here in LA that is GARBAGE for rebuilt motors - so that will be the biggest ticket in the process.

    I will be trolling the for sale threads for bits and pieces as I move forward, and have appreciated all of the reading that is here on how to get this process going.

    I started out in the VW world, prior to forums, but got onboard with that many years ago. Part of a local car club WAY back, and we did runs with the mini truck folks 1989 - 1992, so a lot of the mods I've seen in here bring back some great memories.

    and also have a 2007 Crown Vic PI that is my daily, and I'm also on a forum for that.

    Plan for now:

    1. get the interior back to stock, exception would be existing bucket seats and add SR5 center console;
    2. get stereo to modern standards, would be adding shark fin/etc. for powered radio and satellite
    3. Figure out a wheel that would be HUB CENTRIC either 215/60/15 or 225/50/16 - black, no crazy offset
    4. body work to get ready for paint - factory white
    5. new motor, looking at the premium suppliers, however they are all backlogged and I can wait for that
    6. go through transmission - it has been treated well, but some bushings here and there to freshen up
    7. I want power steering now, but not the crazy assist Toyota, hoping to figure out an option that is 1/2 way between manual and Toyota levels of assist
    8. remove/reinstall correctly the rear sway bar - sleeve the bolt through the frame this time as well
    9. Looking at electric fan options, however this form leads me to believe its not worth it
    10. Looking at upgraded alternator options, but again, forum is telling me to leave it alone

    Basically, I want my truck back like it was on +1 from when I bought it.

    Again, thanks for having this forum available, and I look forward to getting this project started.

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