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Mar 28, 2014
    1. Byronics
      iGot mine from a friend and iPicked up the clips from a dealer near where iLive... ur best bet would probably be yakima.com unless u can find an official yakima dealer in ur area. depends on what brand u want cuz iKnow walmart sells a decent setup for around $35
    2. LOW_TEQ
      In the USC area.
    3. Paulyoung88
      yoo whats up bro back in cali now. Just picked up the other pair of my rims. 15x10 deep dish bro haha polished. Check me out bro hit me up
    4. 5psi
      I did the same thing. if you don't mind it does hit frame. I removed my bumpstops. I put drop shocks in the rear to help out, but hits once in awhile.
    5. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      sup dude?

      yea, if you are not hitting frame when you do, you will be very close. depending on the condition (sag) of your springs, you may or may not hit frame. if anything it will be very close.... i say within an inch or so.
    6. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      if you are gonna leave it without drop arms and rely on torsion drop, get drop shocks. if you plan on getting arms sooner or later, get stock length shocks.

      drop shocks will not work very well with drop arms since they are meant to retain the stock travel.
    7. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      i sold em man... Gil has em on his ride now. new shocks are better than blown shocks so anything will be an improvement.
    8. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      i installed non-angled 3" blocks and 3" drop leafs on Macrib's ride and he has no driveline vibration issues. i never ran them on mine and also had no issues. if you go with a seriously deep deep drop say 8" out back then you might find an issue......... but anything around 6 or less you should not.....
    9. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      the difference between regular blocks and angled are just that. angled blocks have a slight angle to them to help with driveshaft pinion angles. think of it like this....... for driveshaft angles, some people use degree shims to rotate the angle of the pinion on the rear axle..... this would help driveline vibration from the change in pinion angle due to a drop or lift in the suspension. what beefed does is he gets rid of the need to run a shim and incorporates a slight angle to his blocks in order to help out with that angle issue. usually i think he runs about 4-6* degrees on his angled blocks to help the angle....... its kind of a trick to explain........ a visual explination would be easier to understand but i hope you get the idea.
    10. KYNgsx
      Thanks. I only have a 3" block in the back... the 15" wheels and 195/50 tires are what make my truck low.
    11. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      no worries man.... anytime.
    12. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      this was macrib's truck at a 3/3 drop with 18's back when he started on it. 4/4 drop will erase the tire to fender gap.

    13. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      congrats man! hope the install went smooth for ya.

      shouldnt bottom out with the middle leaf removed........ its good for another inch drop but you might tap the frame once in a while on hard bumps at highway speed or entering driveways. you will need a notch done at around 5+ inches of drop.

      usually i take measurements before i drop a truck to make sure im on par....... usually take it from the ground to the fender line. always remember that these trucks have a difference of 1.5 inches in the fender lines from the front and back. the rear fender line is 1.5 inches lower than the front.
    14. lowest93
      no i live in sac but im a die hard dodger fan, but listen to sd yota he knows his ****
    15. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      not hard at all........ if you have an impact gun and a 22mm socket for it then its easy..... otherwise you'll need a socket and a long wratchet..... also a closed end 22mm wrench to hold the top lock nuts in place...... after that is as simple as loosening a bolt as thats pretty much the process.

      take a long 22mm closed end wrench and place it over the lock nuts.... this will jam once you turn the head of the bolt with either a impact gun or whatever you use to loosen the other side........ crank them down till there is around 2 - 1.5 inches of threads showing on the bolts..... this should drop you around 3-4 inches up front depending on how much torsion is on your bars......
    16. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      thats fine....... you can crank it down to 3 inches up front 4 inches out back is cool too. for blocks (im assuming thats how you'll drop it back side) i would go through Beef Taco. crank the torsions up front, if you decide the ride is too soft you can crank them back up some.
    17. SD YOTA
      SD YOTA
      hey, think yer on the right track but i'd suggest the ball joint flip to keep some rigidity in your torsion bars........ dropping it 4 inches solely on your torsions will render your front suspension kinda mushy.

      you might need to also get shorter shocks for going that low on torsions as well....... i usually go max of 3-3.5 inches on stock shocks...... you get to around 4 and they *might* bottom out if you smack something hard enough. if you go that route, and find yourself needing shorter shocks i actually have a set of doestech drop shocks that will give you some more travel when you drop it..... shocks are in good shape and ill let them go fairly cheap if you care to pick them up. if you also remove the bumpstops they will allow you to drop up to 5 inches with just the torsions. if you need any more help or advice on anything PM me, and good luck man!
    18. jaybee
      Need help. How low should I drop my 1994 yota truck. 3"or4".
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    1987 yota truck
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    HID lights..pearl white paint..4inch block plus 2" lowereing leaf and spindle on the front plus torsions..also has a full kyb shocks...about 5/6 drop all around..
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