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Mar 5, 2013
May 7, 2010
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San Diego aka SD, Daygo. Cali
San Diego County Fire Authority/Full-Time Student

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Veteran, from San Diego aka SD, Daygo. Cali

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Mar 5, 2013
    1. toy_spd
      I drilled the holes for the head light brackets and then bolted them in place.
    2. toy_spd
      did not change out my core, put the head lights on, held on with tape and zip ties. then put the grill on and side markers once. they were on just mark out where the holes need to be drilled and take apart, drill and bolt up.
    3. toy_spd
      Ortega was my proving grounds. haha
      YouTube - A Gixxer's View of Ortega Hwy
      im recording

      YouTube - redravenk6's Channel

      I cut my street, canyon down a lot, i mainly do track days now.
      but ill cruse a canyon here and there. hit me up when your out this way and i can take a ride out there.
    4. jetas
      Got mine back earlier today, the mechanic had to bypass the EGR Regulator and messed with the TB. Passed smog with 0.00 on the CO% Seems wierd but it watever now. Glad its over with
    5. jetas
      Mines a test only since its a transfer of title. But its just irritating that it dnt pass now and it passed the last year
    6. jetas
      Well it failed twice at the actual test station. The other 2 times i had my mechanic run it on his dyno. Its failing ont the CO% It needs to be at .92@15mph and 1.17@25mph on the 15 it berly passes but at 25 its close to 2%. I dropped it off at the shop to have them MAKE it pass.
    7. SD YOTA
    8. NotAvailable
      hey wats up bro. which window vent? you mean the window visors? the ones that the import cars run on their cars? i got mine from checkers o reilly auto parts it was 40bucks for the pair.
    9. Dgerfan55
      Hey man do u have any pics of ur intake in ur truck cause im seeing how to do mine. If its not to much to ask?
    10. white93turbotruck
      right now i have 14 inch tires on 60 series tires.i'm looking to do 18's sometime next year.the guy at les schawub didn't say anything about the tires rubbing.standardbyker88 would know better than me.
    11. white93turbotruck
      nice truck!!! i have a white 1993 toyota 2wd pickup.it has a downey air-intake and a flowmaster 40 series exhaust system.it's lowered on a 3/4 inch djm drop kit.i love it!!!
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    San Diego aka SD, Daygo. Cali
    San Diego County Fire Authority/Full-Time Student
    94 YoTa Mini 2wd
    Future Modifications:
    Slam it! - acomplished
    DVD Screens - acomplished
    Chrome front bumper - acomplished
    Body work
    Paint job
    Gold Work wheels
    12 inch sub or 10
    Window Vent Visors
    4x4 Fenders & possibly the bed
    trucks, sport bikes, surfing, jet skis, snowboarding, working out.


    "Race not rice."
    -94 Yota 2WD Single Cab 5spd SLOW 22RE​