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  1. Bonga
  2. Bonga
    Bonga sirdeuce
    Do you have any pics of the 20R side draft setup?
  3. Dan Fairman
    Dan Fairman
    Hi my Name is Dan. I inherited a 1990 Toyota pickup from my late father.
  4. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Just keep trucking!
  5. _Quickfox
    _Quickfox jonathan lee
    I was hoping I might find pictures of ur truck, you got white walls I read..hook us up!
    1. jonathan lee
      jonathan lee
      They nothing special cheap Hancook tires with their white wall stripe not like the old full white walls that would be dope
      Nov 24, 2022 at 2:07 PM
  6. jonathan lee
    jonathan lee
    New head gasket painted engine new Weber carb newer 15” steels with white walls
  7. B Scott
    B Scott
    1985 Xtra SR5 EFI SFA 1996 Suzuki Carry Every Join F51A 2009 Civic EF
  8. Arctic Taco
    Arctic Taco
    Still wandering around
  9. sandman808
    sandman808 jetas
    Jetas I seen some 84-88 with a 4Runner bumper, valence. Any idea on how a I can get my truck fitted right for that mod? Any info. I’m kinda confused on which bumper mounting bracket to use or modified. Thanks man
    1. jetas
      You can try what i did in the past and mod your existing brackets with some steel. You can get brackets for the bumper and the ones that fir your truck and chop and weld em together. Or just make a whole new set of brackets from scratch. Definitely will need access to a welder, grinder and a drill
      Sep 26, 2022
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  10. Peter T
    Peter T jetas
    Afternoon, what is your IG please?
  11. terry r cosner
    terry r cosner
    i spent month working in an auto recycling moscow idaho . this auto was there , i like it lots ,if you know what it is .U old like me
  12. Rad_Logan
    Rad_Logan jetas
    I see you’re pretty active on here. I have a 1979 and I want to lower it more. It’s on 3” blocks in the rear. Do you know of a set of 4” blocks that fit well. Having a hard time finding one’s that fit my truck specially. I just find one that say universal fit or not sure it fits this vehicle. Was curious the brand or website to check out.
  13. terry r cosner
    terry r cosner
    so .. im still waiting for block n pistons .. any day now .. meantime got this 91 celica paid off n painted white
  14. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    To succeed you have to keep your goals in front of you! No matter how small they may be.
  15. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Don't you hate it when your parts list just keeps growing!! Haha #realaddictions
  16. Whips whip
    Whips whip
    Old school Toyota lover
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  17. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Looking for a sunroof at the junkyard to adapt, only thing in question is will our roofs take the added weight/downforce ???
    1. Pearce
      I wouldn't do it. You'll have to worry about drains and keeping them clean. Otherwise it's just going to be a water trap. You don't really want to add weight up top anyways. Funny thing is a lot of enthusiast luxury cars tend to be more desirable/valuable being a slick top.
      Jul 27, 2022
    2. Erwin Merida
      Erwin Merida
      True. To me it would be awesome to match my MR2. But don't want rust issues either. Plus, I think it's only a skin top anyways, no reinforcement cross beams just the roof.. so maybe a tinted glass top?!
      Jul 28, 2022
    3. Pearce
      It would be ideal to have a shade. Otherwise chrome tint will be one of the better options to keep the heat out.
      Jul 28, 2022
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  18. terry r cosner
    terry r cosner
    there is the automatic tranny for my little truck .. n if ya need a project celica i have a 5 speed manual that would make celica dance
  19. terry r cosner
    terry r cosner
    you can see all sides in my gallery.. open to all (i think)
  20. terry r cosner
    terry r cosner
    so now i have a white celica.. just couldnt get rid of red quick enough.. $50.00 of walmart $1.97 cans of white (rattle can) nxt $50 clear