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  1. terry r cosner
  2. Mr B.
    Mr B.
    Love to work on my Trucks!
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  3. Mr B.
    Mr B. Josh Swann
    Nice yota, I'm a newbie, Mr B. But like the stance of your truck. Do you know what was used to lower it. Spindles and rear spring blocks?
  4. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Building a project car/truck is all about balancing your time and never loosing sight of the end goal! Just keep truckin!
    1. Pearce
      Many people get distracted by other interest. I know a few people they get into to many things without finishing one even close to "complete." Or the one I really hate to see the old completing the build so they can actually sell it when you know that was never an attention of theirs. Time and money can get to people. I'm ride or die for most of my things.
      May 15, 2022 at 12:40 AM
  5. James Todd
    James Todd
    Insert a dad joke.
  6. HattedToast
    Sold the truck -> Joined the Subaru family
  7. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Too bad my truck won't be done in time for All Toyota fest in June. Great show in Long Beach. Might register my 86 MR2 tho
  8. 83pickup
    Tires got mounted yesterday, back in business!
  9. Toyotashack
  10. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Caught myself on for like 2 days adding to cart! Lmao might do .040 over instead of .060..
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    2. Erwin Merida
      Erwin Merida
      Hahaha yea only for on ramps and 'takeovers' lmao..smh
      Apr 6, 2022
    3. Erwin Merida
      Erwin Merida
      You running std bore in your block? Have you heard of ppl going 94 mm pistons with stock block? I'm looking to go 93mm with aims for 7500 rpm,
      Apr 6, 2022
    4. Pearce
      Im .020 over on the 22r block. I think for the later blocks you can run those but something like a 20r you might start running into casting flaws at 94mm.
      Apr 6, 2022
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  11. 83pickup
    First post! Since today, I've been putting my 'Yota to good use hauling two large couches, that long bed sure is sweet!!!
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  12. Toyotashack
  13. Toyotashack
  14. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Looking at 3rd member options. LSD obviously !!
  15. Erwin Merida
    Erwin Merida
    Having separation anxiety from my truck lately..lmao
  16. Alex88
    Ordered an sr5 cluster an hr ago and now i cant sleep. The itch is back!!
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  17. Toyotashack
  18. 91riceboxmini
    itll be slammed on its nuts soon enough...
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  19. MOUSE86
    Need to find 4ft x 4ft Black plastic for my door cards, its not looking cheap
    1. Erwin Merida
      Erwin Merida
      You mean like ABS plastic they make defusers out of? Sounds like it could hold up to the abuse if you get thick enough! Are you going to keep/make handles or integrate the oem ones? I never thought about using plastic, seems like a good idea..
      Jan 27, 2022
  20. Toyotashack