94 toyota 4x4, 22re brake line issue + need pdf FSM

Discussion in '1989-1995 Pickup Discussion' started by Wolf714, Apr 24, 2016.

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    My 94 truck just popped a brake line coupler leak. Inside right front wheelwell, bolted to the frame, is a set of two couplers; one looks like a backwards L, the other, an upside down T

    I'm mechanically inclined but not a mechanic.. I ordered the part which has these two couplers attached, and I wonder if changing it out is something I can do, without damage or problem

    The L coupler is leaking badly, the T is fine, but because they are both attached to the one bracket bolted to the frame, I gotta remove the entire part

    Looks easy -- just don't wanna eff it up ;)

    Anybody been there, seen this ?

    The couplers/ bracket cost $78 OEM-- from dealer - is that reasonable or can I better that ?

    Thanks and happy trails in best trucks on the planet !
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    If its a brake line fitting, shouldnt be hard, but u will need to bleed all the brakes. Just have enough brake fluid on hand and just double check that u got all the air bubbles out.

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